Price - $199.00

Sleek, lightweight and sophisicated - the Edge 500 completes the ensemble of any cycling athlete's drive to perfection.  It keeps tabs on all the critical performance metrics such as distance and speed, whilst simultaneously tracking your location and elevation.  

With a mere twist, securing the Edge 500 to your handlebars is easier done than said, with the included low-profile handlebar bicycle mount kit.  All you need to get started is to turn on the device, lock onto a satellite signal and be off.  The high-sensitivity, Hotfix-enabled GPS receiver can get a signal even under canopies or near tall buildings, with satellite prediction position calculation to make it even harder to lose reception.

Measured statistics include speed, distance, time, calories burned, altitude, climb and descent, and all data is held in memory to be reviewed later.  Advanced calorie computation is performed when paired with an optional wireless heart rate monitor (not included).  A barometric altimeter keeps a precise account of your elevation.  You can even get power output measured in watts with addiion of an optional, third-party ANT+ enabled power meter. 

Another feature, Courses, assists you in the comparison of successive rides conducted over the same route.  If you want to use the timer, the Edge 500 can alert you if the timer hasn't started when you have.

Having made the journey, transmit fitness data to our computer, so you can upload to Garmin Connect to analyze and share with others - even plan your next session on your computer before transmitting it back to the Edge 500.