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STEALTH DROPPER SEATPOST On epic adventures you need a super versatile bike which is ready for anything. That makes a dropper post an absolute must. It goes without saying that on the eONE-TWENTY we use internal routing for the remote via our ‘Smart Entry’.

SMART ENTRY Our ‘Smart Entry’ is far more than pure aesthetics: our technology gives the eONE-TWENTY perfect, rattle free internal cable routing and makes for a relaxed and (more importantly) reliable trail ride.

BALANCED GEOMETRY With just 439 mm long chain stays the eONE-TWENTY is blessed with super playful handling. The long reach in combination with a short stem and wide handlebars offer tonnes of control even in the trickiest situations.

BOOSTED PERFORMANCE The eONE-TWENTY benefits from the advantages of the extra 6 mm width of the ‘Boost 12×148’ standard. Shallower spoke angles and through axles make for stiffer wheels. The chain line moves outwards – necessary to create short chain stays delivering agility and massive grip from the b+ tyres.

METRIC SHOCK / RS TRUNNION MOUNT New metric shocks allow our designers more flexibility by using a shorter shock with increased stroke. Combined with the ball bearing bushing of the upper trunnion mount shock sensitivity is increased and the suspension behaviour can be perfectly tuned.

650B+ Bucket loads of traction – up as well as down. Doesn’t matter if it’s a tricky climb or a fast descent: the eONE-TWENTY benefits from the advantages of the 2.8, tyres of the Plus-format!

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