Look after your bikes.

Bikes last longer when they’re properly looked after. Every single part on your bike will last longer if you look after it. If you’re a backyard tinkerer who only calls in after you got in over your head, or you just want to get the professionals to sort it for you, we’ve got every level of service you could need for your bikes for every member of your family.

Bikes are much safer when properly maintained – you can get every single part of your bike serviced or replaced if needed by our experienced service team.

Prevent hassles, and protect your bikes by getting them looked after by our team. We’re fully equipped, can repair and maintain any bike, from any brand. Need some special part made of unobtanium to finish your next bike build off? We’ve got you covered.

New to riding and feel a bit sheepish about asking but want to learn how to look after your own bike? We won’t make you feel silly – we can set you up with the right gear, so you can look after your bike in-between major services.


Just picked up a new bike. Great service, very friendly and well looked after. Will be back for the next one!

Nick Moles

They have great service cool down hill gear and people that know what they are talking about. and a friendly environment. Best bike shop ever!!!

Nick Davey

Massive thanks to Jase and the guys for sorting out my emergency today. Slotted me in without any fuss. Cannot recommend highly enough. Cheers, Andy from Vic.

Andrew Bos

Very good service and solid advice, highly recommended!

Michael Walsh